Are you injured from car crash?

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Who is at fault?

Even if you have been through the trauma of a car crash, it is not always clear as to how the police and insurance companies determine who is at fault. Police reports can be a significant factor in determining who was at fault. Whenever the police investigate an accident, the findings are a matter of record because they must file a written report. In that report, the police gather specific details about the accident such as whether one or more of the drivers committed an infraction, or if there was alcohol involved.

Infractions are another term for traffic violations. For example, if the driver next to you unexpectedly decides to change lanes and causes a collision, that driver has most likely committed the violation of inattentive driving. It is possible that the police will issue the unsafe driver a traffic citation. If the police report reveals that the officer determined that the driver caused the accident, insurance companies are likely to decide that the driver who was cited is at fault. If you are injured in a car crash and wonder if you can recover any of the damages, you should call a Charlotte Car Accident attorney as soon as possible.

Have you been injured in a car accident?

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