Injury attorney in Charlotte, NCA yard with a pool

Injury attorneys know that with warmer days ahead, there is few attractions that are more tempting than a yard with swimming pool of any size. Pool owners everywhere are beginning to pull back the covers, and enjoy another season of poolside barbecues and family gatherings. Swimming pools can be the centerpiece of a relaxing summer season, but swimming pool owners must remember that they have a legal responsibility to keep their pool areas safe. Safety and security is the foremost obligation of every swimming pool owner.

The reasons children drown

The following are some ways to reduce the chance of children drowning:

  • Teach your children how to swim, and about water safety.
  • The most common reason is that the drowning victim does not know how to swim.
  • Swimming lessons are the perfect summer activity for toddlers and elementary school aged children.
  • Make the investment, you may just save their life.
  • As we touched on earlier, barriers and fences are invaluable for keeping children away from the pool area when adult supervision is not around.
  • Isolating the pool and locking it will reduce the chance of a child drowning by 80%.
  • Children of every age need to be constantly monitored when there is a pool in the home.
  • In addition to fencing, pool owners should contemplate installing additional safety measures such as gate alarms, lockable safety covers, and/or wave alarms.

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