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Car accident attorney knows that most parents are anxious about handing the car keys over to their teen driver. In fact, many are contemplating buying a car for their teen driver to commute back and forth to school activities and work this fall. The goal should be to provide a safe vehicle, that does not break the budget when it comes to insurance, gas mileage, and cost of the vehicle. A good place to start would be the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety list of safe and affordable used vehicles for teen drivers. This can be a handy guide to provide parents and guardians automobile advice for first-time and novice drivers.

Criteria for safe vehicles

  • The IIHS teen vehicle recommendation list is comprised of a number of different classifications for vehicles, many of the vehicles on the list do not have perfect ratings
  • All the vehicles on the recommended list performed well in crash tests conducted by the Institute and the federal government.
  • You may be pleased to discover that the list includes a car that is already in your driveway. This will save you lots of time and certainly some money when the time comes.
  • However, if you should decide to purchase a used vehicle for your teen, there are some items that you should never compromise on

Quite often, people tend to overlook the fact that a vehicle’s size and weight is a key factor in crash protection. This is simple physics, the bigger and heavier the vehicle, the more protected your teen will be in a crash. Unfortunately, many of the vehicles that are recommended for teen drivers, cost more than most people are willing to pay. However, it is advisable that parents consider paying a little bit more for a safer vehicle.


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