Statutes of limitations for injury cases

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It is best not to make snap decisions when hiring a personal injury attorney, but keep in mind that your time to file a case is limited. People who have suffered an injury must act expediently when it comes to filing a case because of laws are known as statutes of limitation. Consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, and he or she will tell you that exactly how much time you have to file. North Carolina has a statute of limitations that requires you to file your lawsuit within a specific amount of time. Failing to act before that time, can prevent you from being able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Pausing the clock

  • In certain cases, it is possible to get a pause on the statute of limitations.
  • This legal term for this pause is known as “tolling.”
  • Many states have differences in time limits imposed, and cases have differences for allowing people to toll the statute of limitations.
  • If you have questions regarding how the laws apply to your situation, you should consult a personal injury attorney in the Charlotte area as soon as possible.

Speak to an injury attorney in Charlotte, NC

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