Witnessing an accident

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Injury attorneys understand that witnessing a car accident can be a frightening experience for anyone. It makes no difference whether you are a driver on the road or a bystander, the sudden crash of motor vehicles can be psychologically traumatic, so if you ever witness a serious road accident, we want to offer some tips as to what you can do to help those involved, including if legal action is needed later. The goal is to help you to be a reliable witness. Consider the most important step in the event that you should witness a car accident.

Give a report to police

  • When police or law enforcement arrives at the scene, they will want to know if there were any witnesses to how and when the accident occurred.
  • In fact, those involved in the crash may not even be able to make a statement. In such cases, your testimony could be crucial.
  • Try to remain calm, and be as detailed as possible when retelling the chain of events.
  • You will most likely be contacted later by an insurance company or an attorney about your account of the accident.
  • As soon as possible after the crash, sit down and write out what you saw in an effort to keep the details of your account fresh.
  • If you do not have anything to write with, you can record it on your phone.
  • The object is to make sure that you can correctly recall details that could be crucial in helping the victims recover the relief that they deserve.

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