What is product liability?

Product Liability attorney in Charlotte, NC

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A product liability claim becomes necessary when a product does not work safely, and it causes physical harm to the consumer. For consumers, the stream of products available for our use and consumption is endless. We purchase and use everything from clothing to food, to toys, or automobiles. Every person in the world purchases or uses something that is manufactured or created. When we buy these products, we carry a reasonable expectation that the product will work safely, and exactly as it is supposed to.

Personal injury attorneys and product liability

  • The best product liability attorney place emphasis on holding companies and organizations accountable for defective or dangerous products.
  • Companies that fail to introduce safe products, must make restitution for the personal cost and damages from when their products cause injuries.
  • The legal definition of a product not only includes manufactured items; but also, includes everything from the land, to professional advice.

An experienced law firm for product liability in Charlotte, NC

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