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When you buy food products, you have certain rights and protections as a consumer, and can hold the producer accountable for product liability. You do not need to do much research to discover that food companies and restaurants sometimes fail in their obligation to provide safe products. Perhaps the biggest problem with foods is contamination with chemicals and microbes. Even foods that we thought to be traditionally safe, such as fruits and green leafy vegetables are discovered to be contaminated with e. coli bacteria.

Reducing your risk

There are several steps that you can take to reduce the chance of listeria contamination in your home. You should start by keeping well informed and avoiding recalled food items. The Center for Disease Control also recommends these ten precautions:

  1. Rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  2. Scrub firm produce such as melons and cucumbers before slicing
  3. Dry washed produce with a paper towel or clean cloth
  4. Keep uncooked meats and poultry separated from vegetables and cooked foods
  5. Sanitize your hands, knives, counter-tops, and work surfaces after handling uncooked foods
  6. Remember that listeria can grow in food that is stored in the refrigerator
  7. Clean up all spills and juices from raw meats
  8. Regularly clean and sanitize your refrigerator walls and shelves
  9. Cook meats and poultry at a proper temperature
  10. Do not drink or cook with unpasteurized milk

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